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Calif. Tribe Looks To Undo Tobacco Noncompliance Listing

By Joyce Hanson

The Twenty-Nine Palms of Mission Indians is suing the U.S. government in California federal court over its decision to place the tribe on a "non-compliant list" under a law that targets illegal tobacco trafficking, arguing that its operations comply with all applicable state laws.

NC High Court Snapshot: Philip Morris Fights Tax Credit Limit

By Hayley Fowler

North Carolina's top court will return in February from an extended hiatus to weigh whether a home healthcare company was correctly ejected from the state's Medicaid program, and if regulators were right to limit state export tax credits for tobacco giant Philip Morris.

Law360 Seeks Members For Its 2024 Editorial Boards


Law360 is looking for avid readers of its publications to serve as members of its 2024 editorial advisory boards.

Competing In Dressage Makes Me A Better Lawyer

By Stephanie Coco

My lifelong participation in the sport of dressage — often called ballet on horses — has proven that several skills developed through training and competition are transferable to legal work, especially the ability to harness focus, persistence and versatility when negotiating a deal, says Stephanie Coco at V&E.

Calif. Pot Co. Owes Sales Tax On Unreported Cash

By Parker Quinlan

A California marijuana dispensary owes $230,000 in additional sales taxes after state regulators ruled the company intentionally misled tax officials about the amount of cash revenue the business was generating, the state Office of Tax Appeals ruled.

Psychedelics Bill Roundup: Mass. Proposal Enters Legislature

By Sam Reisman

A citizen-led effort to legalize personal use and possession of natural psychedelics in Massachusetts entered the state Legislature this week, a Hawaii bill to regulate therapeutic use of psilocybin is scheduled for its first hearing, and Indiana lawmakers advanced a bill to fund research into psilocybin treatment. Here are the major developments in psychedelic legislation from the past week.

Expert Analysis

Coaching High School Wrestling Makes Me A Better Lawyer

Coaching my son’s high school wrestling team has been great fun, but it’s also demonstrated how a legal career can benefit from certain experiences, such as embracing the unknown, studying the rules and engaging with new people, says Richard Davis at Maynard Nexsen.

SG's Office Is Case Study To Help Close Legal Gender Gap

As women continue to be underrepresented in the upper echelons of the legal profession, law firms could learn from the example set by the Office of the Solicitor General, where culture and workplace policies have helped foster greater gender equality, say attorneys at Ocean Tomo.

Reimagining Law Firm Culture To Break The Cycle Of Burnout

While attorney burnout remains a perennial issue in the legal profession, shifting post-pandemic expectations mean that law firms must adapt their office cultures to retain talent, say Kevin Henderson and Eric Pacifici at SMB Law Group.


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